6.5. Backing Up and Restoring Management Database

Node information, statistics, and configurations are stored in a database on the management node (the one with the admin panel). Backups of this database are created automatically every day. If the management node is not highly available, restoring such a backup recovers the node in case of failure or database corruption.


Database backups cannot be restored if management node high availability is enabled and/or if the compute cluster is deployed. For this reason, it is highly recommended to set up management node HA before deploying the compute cluster.

To back up the database manually, open the SETTINGS > Management node > Backup screen and click BACKUP NOW.


Once backup is completed, the Last backup date will be refreshed.


Do not rename the backup file! Otherwise you will not be able to restore the management database from it.

6.5.1. Restoring Management Database from Backup

You can restore a management node database from backup on the same management node or any node assigned to the cluster. Run the following script:

# /usr/libexec/vstorage-ui-backend/bin/restore-management-node.sh \
-x <public_network_interface> -i <private_network_interface>

where <public_network_interface> and <private_network_interface> are interfaces assigned the Public and Private networks, respectively. If required, you can specify the same network interface in both parameters.