Viewing AlertsΒΆ

The ALERTS tab lists all the alerts logged by Acronis Storage. An alert is generated and logged each time one of the following conditions is met or events happen:

  • a critical issue has happened with a cluster, its components (CS, MDS), disks, nodes, or services;
  • cluster requires configuration or more resources to build or restore its health;
  • network requires configuration or is experiencing issues that may affect performance;
  • license is about to expire or has expired;
  • cluster is about to or has run out of available space.

To view an alert details, select an alert on the ALERTS tab and click Details.

Alerts can be ignored (deleted from the alerts list) or postponed for several hours. Postponed alerts reappear in the list after some time.

To ignore or postpone an alert, select it and click the corresponding button.