4.2. Monitoring Metadata ServersΒΆ

MDS servers are a critical component of any storage cluster, and monitoring the health and state of MDS servers is a very critical task. To monitor MDS servers, use the vstorage -c <cluster_name> top command, for example:


The command above shows detailed information about the stor1 cluster. The monitoring parameters for MDS servers (highlighted in red) are explained in the table below:

Parameter Description

MDS server identifier (ID).

The letter “M” before ID, if present, means that the given server is the master MDS server.

STATUS MDS server status.
%CTIME Total time the MDS server spent writing to the local journal.
COMMITS Local journal commit rate.
%CPU MDS server activity time.
MEM Amount of physical memory the MDS server uses.
UPTIME Time elapsed since the last MDS server start.
HOST MDS server hostname or IP address.