2.4. Transferring iSCSI Targets between NodesΒΆ

You can transfer stopped iSCSI targets between Acronis Storage nodes. After the transfer, you will be able to start and manage the iSCSI target on the destination node. On the source node, you will only be able to delete the transferred target with the --force option (for more details, see Deleting iSCSI Targets).

To transfer an iSCSI target, do the following:

  1. Make sure the target is stopped. For more details, see Stopping iSCSI Targets.

  2. Unregister the target on the source node with the vstorage-iscsi unregister command. For example:

    # vstorage-iscsi unregister -t iqn.2014-04.com.vstorage:test1
  3. Register the target on the destination node with the vstorage-iscsi register command. For example:

    # vstorage-iscsi register -t iqn.2014-04.com.vstorage:test1