1.1. About This GuideΒΆ

This guide complements the documentation on managing Acronis Storage via the web-based management panel.

It is recommended to manage Acronis Storage via the management panel. If you have it installed, consider the command-line tools secondary and use them with caution.

If you have the management panel installed, do not do the following via the command-line tools:

  • set custom paths for Acronis Storage services, in particular:
    • create S3 clusters only in /mnt/vstorage/vols/s3,
    • create iSCSI targets only in /mnt/vstorage/vols/iscsi,
  • mount clusters or change cluster mount options,
  • configure firewall with firewall-cmd,
  • rename network connections,
  • manage MDS/CS,
  • manage partitions, LVMs, or software RAID,
  • modify files in /mnt/vstorage/vols and /mnt/vstorage/webcp/backup directories,
  • set encoding or replication of cluster root.