2.10. Enabling Management Panel High AvailabilityΒΆ

Acronis Storage can provide high availability of the management panel by hosting its standby (inactive) instances on multiple nodes and continuously updating them. If the management node fails or becomes unreachable over the network, a management panel instance on another node will take over the panel’s service and keep its dedicated IP address. The relocation of the service can take several minutes.

To enable management panel high availability, dedicate at least 3 nodes to host management panel instances and do the following:

  1. Make sure to assign the WebCP role to network interfaces on each node that will host management panel instances.

  2. On the SETTINGS > Advanced settings screen, open the MANAGEMENT NODE HA tab.

  3. Select at least 3 nodes to host management panel instances and click Create HA.

  4. Make sure a configured network interface with an internal management role is selected from the Management private interface drop-down list of each node.

  5. On the Configure network screen, set a static IP address dedicated for the HA management panel. It must be different from the IP addresses of any node in the cluster and accessible from the public network. Click DONE.


Once the management panel high availability is enabled, you can log in to the panel only at https://<HA_management_panel_IP>:8888.

To remove management panel instances from the nodes, select them from the HA list on the MANAGEMENT NODE HA tab and click Release nodes.