3.3. Starting installationΒΆ

The installation program requires a minimum screen resolution of 800x600. With 800x600, however, you may experience issues with the user interface. For example, some elements can be inaccessible. The recommended screen resolution is at least 1024x768.

To start the installation, do the following:

  1. Configure the server to boot from the chosen media.

  2. Boot the server and wait for the Welcome screen.

  3. On the Welcome screen, do one of the following:

    • If you want to set installation options manually, choose Install Acronis Cyber Infrastructure.

    • If you want to install Acronis Cyber Infrastructure in the unattended mode, press E to edit the menu entry, append the kickstart file location to the linux line, and press Ctrl+X. For example:

      linux /images/pxeboot/vmlinuz inst.stage2=hd:LABEL=<ISO_img> quiet ip=dhcp \
      logo.nologo=1 inst.ks=<URL>

      For instructions on how to create and use a kickstart file, refer to Creating a kickstart file and Using the kickstart file.

If you choose Install Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, you will be asked to complete these steps:

  1. Read and accept the user agreement.
  2. Set up the network.
  3. Choose a time zone. The date and time will be configured via NTP.
  4. Choose what storage cluster node you are installing: first or second/other. You can also choose to skip this step so you can add the node to the storage cluster manually later.
  5. Choose the destination disk to install Acronis Cyber Infrastructure on.
  6. Create the root password and start installation.

These steps are described in detail in the following sections.