3.2. Preparing for installation

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure can be installed from

  • IPMI virtual drives
  • PXE servers (in this case, time synchronization via NTP is enabled by default)
  • USB drives

3.2.1. Preparing for installation from USB storage drives

To install Acronis Cyber Infrastructure from a USB storage drive, you will need a 4 GB or higher-capacity USB drive and the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure distribution ISO image.

Make a bootable USB drive by transferring the distribution image to it:

  • on Linux, with dd:

    # dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdb


    Be careful to specify the correct drive to transfer the image to.

  • on Windows, using the Rufus utility:

    1. Go to https://rufus.ie/ and download the portable version.
    2. Launch Rufus.
    3. In the Drive Properties section, select your flash drive from the Device drop-down menu and click Select. Then, select the distribution image from your local machine. You can also change other options, if needed.
    4. Click Start.
    1. In a pop-up window, select Write in DD Image mode and click OK.