2.8. Removing Nodes from the Unassigned ListΒΆ

Nodes in the UNASSIGNED list can be completely removed from Acronis Cyber Infrastructure if they are not in the high availability cluster.

To completely remove a node from the admin panel, do the following:

  1. Select it in the UNASSIGNED list on the INFRASTRUCTURE > Nodes screen and click Remove (forget).

  2. For security purposes, clean up node certificates and identity by deleting the following from the node:

    # rm -rf /usr/libexec/vstorage-ui-backend/ca
    # rm -rf /etc/nginx/ssl
    # rm -f /etc/vstorage/host_id
    # rm -f /etc/vstorage/vstorage-ui-agent.conf


    After such a cleanup, the only way to add the node back to the cluster is by re-installing Acronis Cyber Infrastructure on it from scratch.