2. Accessing Acronis Storage Clusters via iSCSIΒΆ

Acronis Storage allows you to export cluster disk space outside Acronis Storage bounds to operating systems and third-party virtualization solutions. Using dedicated vstorage-iscsi tools, you can export Acronis Storage disk space as LUN block devices over iSCSI in a SAN-like manner.

In Acronis Storage, you can create and run multiple iSCSI targets per Acronis Storage cluster node. In turn, each iSCSI target can have multiple LUNs (virtual disks). At any given moment, each iSCSI target runs on a single Hardware node. Thanks to high availability, if a node fails, iSCSI targets hosted on it are moved to and relaunched on a healthy node.

The figure below shows a typical network configured for exporting Acronis Storage disk space over iSCSI.


In this example are three Acronis Hardware nodes working in a Acronis Storage cluster. Two nodes host one iSCSI target each while the third hosts two iSCSI targets. Each node has a static or dynamic IP address assigned from the Storage BackNet (created along with the Acronis Storage cluster) and the FrontNet. Each iSCSI target has a static IP address assigned from the FrontNet.