3.7. Finishing Acronis Storage InstallationΒΆ

Having configured everything necessary on the INSTALLATION SUMMARY screen, click Begin Installation.

While Acronis Storage is installing, create a password for the root account. Installation will not finish until the password is created.

Once the installation is complete, click Reboot.

Your next steps depend on which server you installed Acronis Storage on:

  • If you installed the management component on the first server (with or without the storage component), proceed to install the storage component on the second and other servers.
  • If you installed the storage component on a server and need to install it on more servers, repeat the installation steps. When on the Acronis Storage screen, follow the instructions in Choosing the Components to Install on the Second and Other Servers.
  • If you installed the storage component on the last server, log in to the management panel and make sure that all the storage nodes are present in the UNASSIGNED list on the NODES screen.

With the management panel ready and with all the nodes present in the UNASSIGNED list, you can start managing your Acronis Storage infrastructure as described in the Acronis Storage 2.0 Administrator’s Guide.