1.3. About S3 ClustersΒΆ

Acronis Storage allows you to export cluster disk space to customers in the form of an S3-like object-based storage.

Acronis Storage is implemented as an Amazon S3-like API, which is one of the most common object storage APIs. End users can work with Acronis Storage as they work with Amazon S3. You can use the usual applications for S3 and continue working with it after the data migration from Amazon S3 to Acronis Storage.

The infrastructure of the object storage consists of the following entities: object servers (OS), name servers (NS), and the S3 gateways (GW).

These entities run as services on the Acronis Storage nodes. Each service should be deployed on multiple Acronis Storage nodes for high availability.

This section shows a sample object storage deployed on top of an storage cluster of five nodes that run various services. The final setup is shown on the figure below.